Heart ball of wool

Make with heart

Welcome to The Woolly Creative!

I love getting creative and wool is such a friendly medium to work with! Being a natural material, wool is lovely to touch and use.

This website is about combining these two sources of delight for me.

Here you’ll find the main techniques I use are felting, crochet and knitting…  sometimes there is sewing and using other mediums… but by far the main central subject is wholesome pure wool (preferably organic). If you have any ideas you would like to add, or for me to cover, please let me know!

The techniques used may not be traditional, and I don’t rely heavily on using patterns or templates. I think if we’re forced to work from a pattern and too many rules, there are too many chances of being “wrong”. Being present with the task at hand is key for me. Besides, so far as I’m concerned, if you’re being creative you are always right!

You could call this approach artistic or crafty, but I like to say it’s being creative and having fun, while trying to apply each project to something I have in mind. Whether creating something to wear, something to use, or something for decoration, there will always be a function in mind that I’m bringing to the heart and opening to new interpretations.

I make no apologies for projects that might seem a little crazy, and I insist on lovingly accepting any idea I feel inspired to follow. I’m often surprised where things go, and that is part of the experimentation of life and the joy of discovery that is likely to spur on the next project.

This is dedicated to all the creative wannabies out there!

To be creative, all we have to do is take action with a mind full of possibilites, and an open heart.

Really, we’re all creative at heart! To find it is more a matter of letting go of previous expectations. Being open to the now.

I hope to make some great connections and friends along the way, and to facilitate the connection of others who want to find ways to extend the craft circle so-to-speak. Creativity feeds more creativity, and it is like an ever-expanding spiral that will help us all to solve the world’s problems, so far as I’m concerned!

If you’re ready to get going, grab whatever tools you can find, and let’s start being creative!

Ok, see you in the Craft Circle!